How Long Does it Take to Build with Earthbags?

Earthbag training center in Nepal at 5’ height
Earthbag training center in Nepal at 5’ height

Lots of readers ask how long it takes to build with earthbags. Well, that’s difficult to answer because the strength of workers varies and every job is different. But it’s good to have an approximate figure to work with for planning purposes.

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Pacific Packaging Earthbag Specifications

The following information has been provided by Pacific Packaging in Tangent, Oregon. They are the first bag supplier to actively promote earthbag building on their website. We have no financial interest in their company and do not accept advertising since this is a non-commercial site. The information is being provided here to show what to … Read more

Green Retaining Walls

Geosynthetics Magazine is a valuable go-to source for technical earthbag articles. This is a great, free resource for serious earthbag builders, especially commercial builders. They have a new article about natural green facades on earthbag highway retaining walls. It’s surprisingly simple and effective. The retaining wall is not only strong, it also looks good because … Read more

Insulated Earthbag/Geotextile Basement Walls

This article describes a low cost method of building insulated basement walls without concrete, using geotextiles. Typical basement walls are expensive and use large amounts of concrete, a major contributor to global climate change. Concrete basement walls are typically built by contractors, because they require expensive forms and specialized knowledge. Plus, in cold climates they … Read more

Earthbag Privacy Walls

In addition to many other uses, earthbags also make great privacy walls. Besides being beautiful, privacy walls help block wind and noise, and keep out stray dogs and prying eyes. You can greatly enhance your home using this dirt cheap building technique. Protected from excess wind, plants can thrive even in harsh climates like New … Read more