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  1. Please, a would like to know how much the complete Tube Filling Machine costs and if it can be F.O.B. Calexico, Ca… We will star constructing adobe houses with the earthbags.

    Also, we are interested in the Gravity Fed 4 Chute.

    Thank you very much,

  2. Check out our machine-it can be utilized on the side of a truck or with a telescopic telehandler for higher walls. For more information go to our website:

    • That’s real clever, but there are some problems if used for building earthbag (sand bag) houses. You can only place one tube at a time so you can tamp it and place barbed wire. Two tubes at once won’t work.

      • the machine can utilize either one or two sandbag tubes at a time-single layers can be accomodated-thanks for your response Surg

  3. I am the community development director on several projects we are starting in West Africa. We want to go with traditional african architecture (tribal huts) with modern day facilities. Since we are planning large numbers of homes. Reflecting the overwhelming need for proper housing, we are looking at faster, and more efficient methods of construction. The tube,sand bag filling machine looks real good to me. I would appreciate more information on this machine. Cost is always a factor as well as portability.
    Please e-mail me with prices and specifications also users of your machine and availability and delivery schedules.
    Thank you, George

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