Building with Recycled Tile

It is important to use recycled building materials whenever possible. We’ve seen great examples of how reclaimed materials can add character to a structure, whether it is a hotel, tiny house, or an Earthship. In the southern state of Kerala, India, the Koshish building prominently features repurposed materials like Mangalore tiles, steel, and windows—all salvaged … Read more

Indian Engineer Champions Bamboo Construction

Sanjeev Karpe, an Indian engineer, shares how bamboo became important to him and why he thinks sustainability is so vital to the planet. In 2003 he had an opportunity to visit China and observe the prevalence of bamboo in construction there. He noticed exotic modern bamboo buildings, and how the plant’s tensile strength made it a … Read more

Indian Architect Designs Ecological Buildings

Wallmakers founder, Vinu Daniel, is a “nomadic” Indian architect who was commended for eliciting an “energy, creativity and willingness to take risks while achieving sustainable buildings that exist harmoniously within the landscapes and ecologies in which they are erected.” Wallmakers work has been at the leading edge of carbon offsetting in design and construction, typically … Read more

Hobbit Homes Around the World

Hobbitowa, Krzywcza, Poland This Hobbit house used roundwood from local willow trees, clay for the interior plaster, lime for the exterior plaster, and cob stones for the infrastructure. The off-grid home also has its own water well, domestic sewage works, and photovoltaic panels for electricity. Inside, the house has a large open-plan living room with … Read more