We are all Made out of Mud

This video follows the story of people and organizations in the Balkans that work with mud and youth. The also, explores people’s connection to the land, which is expressed through centuries-old practices of building houses from natural materials. The film crew visited inspiring projects, communities and families throughout the Balkans and exchanged experiences with them … Read more

Man Builds Cheap Cob Home That Has Everything He Needs

Sage Stoneman’s cob home only cost $200 to build and allows him to live debt-free. He says, “I choose to live the way that I do because it’s a matter of mental health for me and emotional health, physical health as well, spiritual health.” He crafted his home in California to feel closer to the … Read more

Building an Earthbag Round House eBook

I just finished reading Building an Earthbag Round House by Morgan Caraway of the Sustainable Life School. This PDF ebook describes Morgan’s experience of building his first attempt at earthbag construction some 15 years ago. As he says, there are many ways he would do things differently these days, but he basically got most of … Read more