Restoration of a Historic Home in Hawaii

The Gulick-Rowell House is a two-story dwelling on the National Register of Historic Places constructed for Christian missionaries nearly 200 years ago in Waimea, Kaua‘i, Hawaii. The house is notable for its New England architecture and use of ōhiʻa lumber and coral limestone blocks cut from offshore reefs by Hawaiian workers, who were paid with … Read more

Indian Scientists Develop Sand Replacement

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Science have created a promising new material that can replace natural sand in construction. This development comes as a response to the growing scarcity of sand, a crucial component in building materials. The team is exploring methods to utilize carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from industrial waste gases, treated with … Read more

Reviving Rammed Earth in Thailand

In Chonburi, Thailand, architect Peeraya Suphasidh tried using the ancient technique of rammed earth, thinking that the local building industry could learn something of value. It has generally been disregarded for its labor intensive and time-consuming nature. In finding the right material composition that would be suitable for the tropical climate with high humidity and … Read more

The Rammed Earth Pavillon Le Vau in Paris

With The Pavillon Le Vau  L’Atelier Senzu, has clinched one of the most important competitions in Paris, reworking the Grand Palais as it inaugurates a project that’s radically different in both size and spirit.  In its 80 m2 (861 sf) the Pavillon Le Vau presents a multipurpose hall set in the garden of a comprehensive … Read more