Insulated Earthbag Vaults

We get quite a few enquires about vaults. So far we’ve always cautioned against building earthbag vaults except for small entranceways, corridors between domes and the like, because they are inherently unstable if you just stack earthbags into a vault shape. The proposed design shown here resolves the stability issues. This vault building method is … Read more

Lunar Earthbag Structures

Mandeep Singh, a graduate student from India, conducted research on lunar earthbag structures for his master’s thesis at Auburn University, Alabama. This is a very interesting and exciting find that has obvious applications here on earth, particularly for the construction of lightweight, insulated vaults. Custom shaped, top connected bags were filled with vermiculite with a … Read more

Pallet Roofs

I found another great way to build gable and vaulted roofs — with pallets: Pallet Pavilions The site referenced above shows how pallets can be used for walls and roofs. This is exciting because free pallets are usually quite easy to get in most countries and they’re very strong. Many are made of hardwood such … Read more