A Texas Homestead Built with Recycled Materials

Marlena and Eugene built their homestead in Blanco, Texas using salvaged windows, doors, wood flooring, tile, a bathtub, a lot of plywood, and some lumber. After over a decade of building, they now have a completely off-grid home, workshop, garden, and rental cabin. They bought all six of their 500- to 700-gallon rainwater barrels for a few hundred dollars each.

They grow some of their own food in raised beds and raise chickens in a recycled coop (they plan to add goats and bees). They are now able to go two weeks without leaving the homestead for provisions. Their latest addition is a modern barn that serves as both a workshop for Eugene’s tools and for Marlena’s jewelry business. It was built to convert into an event space to rent for added income.

You can watch the video at www.youtube.com

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  1. THese folks are very crafty and creative. GENIUS!

    Kirsten and Nico do such a great job allowing folks to share their life and creative flow.


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