Building with Nature: a Hobbit Hideaway

A 12 minute documentary of a Hobbit Hideaway built using the local, renewable materials of wood, stone, straw, clay, lime and mud.

It is unique and beautifully built in Scotland by natural builders and educators Hartwyn Ltd. They shared the process with students in a pop-up learning village from June to September 2018. Hobbit Hideaway opened as a unique holiday home in March 2019.

You can watch the video at

You can read more about it and see many more pictures at

3 thoughts on “Building with Nature: a Hobbit Hideaway”

  1. I will be building a two story earth bag house with the same type roof except using bamboo for all structure.
    I am one of the member of a three year old eco village and houses are starting to be built. we are on Isla de la pier in Mexico

  2. Hello,
    I would love to build my own house this way in Marloth Park, South Africa. Do you have plans for submission for a simple roundhouse made with bags? The security aspect is my top concern and interest.


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