Netherlands’ Ecovillage Boekel is a Model for Sustainable Living

From the sky, the Netherlands’ Ecovillage Boekel looks like a flower house. It is an almost self-sufficient housing community that was voted the most sustainable organization in the Netherlands in 2021. This project offers concrete solutions for social, economic, and cultural regeneration. The Ecovillage is made up of 36 pioneering sustainable flats where 48 adults … Read more

A Native Sioux Tribe Is Building the First Hempcrete Plant in the US

Natives from the Lower Sioux Indian Reservation in southwestern Minnesota are building a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing campus that will allow them to pioneer a green experiment, the first of its kind in the United States. They are growing hemp to process it into hempcrete, and then build healthy homes with it. Once the tribe makes this low-carbon … Read more

The Heritage Foundation of Pakistan Builds Homes that Resist Disasters

Yasmeen Lari founded the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan in 1980 to preserve the country’s traditional architecture, and they have built some 85,000 structures for displaced Pakistanis, including victims of last year’s devastating monsoon rains. That disaster left a third of the country underwater and destroyed more than 2.1 million homes, but the thousands of bamboo … Read more

Homesteading and Permaculture Bundle of Information

I usually avoid posting anything commercial on this blog, but this seems like such an incredible deal am going to tell you about it anyway. At from January 1 – 3 you can get the 2024 Homesteading and Permaculture Bundle for just $35. It includes over 35 books, videos and webinars, so they are … Read more

The Early Days of Green Building in the US

Young communards in the backwoods of Vermont and high plains of Taos knew that surviving in frigid climes meant something better than teepees and log huts. With well-worn Whole Earth catalogues as guides, they began figuring it out. Back then “Save the Trees” was a mantra uniting the movement. Northern New Mexico’s earthen homes were … Read more