How to Build an Earthquake-Resistant Home: An Earthbag Construction Manual

The folks at Good Earth Global prepared a guide titled How to Build an Earthquake-Resistant Home: An Earthbag Construction Manual for Engineering for Change’s members and readers and it was published at It starts out with this introduction: Earthbag technology has emerged as the building method best suited to rebuild rural Nepal after its … Read more

Remodeling a Former Industrial Building for Mixed Use

The preservation and reuse of already existing buildings is a great way to reduce the construction industry’s sizeable carbon footprint. Adapting under-utilized buildings matters now more than ever as cities around the world grapple with a crisis in affordable housing and the ongoing challenges brought on by a changing climate. In Brussels, Belgium, this former … Read more

The Mining of Urban Demolition Products

New Horizon Urban Mining  is a demolition firm in Amsterdam that specializes in the practice of deconstructing buildings and infrastructure and selling the building products and components for reuse in new construction. Nearly half of the waste in the Netherlands comes from construction and demolition, yet only a minuscule portion of that waste—around 4%—is reused … Read more

Building Warm Homes and Community at Pine Ridge Reservation

A home is so much more than its physical manifestation in the world. It is a place of togetherness, of gathering, of sharing, and of connecting. The mission of is to leverage their building technique to support those in need by providing warmth, stability, economic opportunity, and hope. The act of building a home … Read more

Earthen Building Regains Popularity in Hungary

Long derided as old-fashioned symbols of grinding poverty, mud and straw houses are making a comeback in Hungary as a low-cost, eco-friendly alternative to concrete. Master builder Janos Gaspar, who renovates earth houses, says, “I’m booked up for three years. Interest is sky-high.” He has built more than 200 clay houses. Locally accessible materials is … Read more