Straw Bales for Shelter

Straw Bales for Shelter: a guide for building emergency shelters with bales is available for download now.  This new guide is free to download and share courtesy of Matts Myhrman, David Eisenberg and Robert Cook. It offers clear explanations and excellent details for straw bale shelter construction. Table of ContentsIntroduction 3Site preparation and moisture barrier … Read more

Winners of the Rammed Earth Pavilion Competition

A team of architects has won The Rammed Earth Pavilion competition with their greenhouse, which was built in the UK. Organized by Buildner, a leading architecture competition platform, participants were tasked with designing a temporary or permanent pavilion structure constructed of rammed earth material in a location of their choice. Hooke Garden was created by … Read more

Unique Coastal California Property

Daniel Liebermann studied architecture at Harvard for about a year before transferring to the University of Colorado to study sculpture. After collecting his MFA degree, he visited Frank Lloyd Wright and shortly after their meeting, he began a fellowship at Wright’s Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Ariz. After apprenticing with Wright for two years he worked … Read more

Help Establish a Non-Toxic Earthen “Biome Village”

This is a project in Southwestern New Mexico focusing on affordable housing using local materials, food sovereignty, social resilience and training the next generation of tradespeople. A “Biome Village” with ten architect-designed adobe homes and shared infrastructure– an industrial kitchen, state-park-style bathroom building and community gardens on a community land trust.  Super affordable, disability-forward, beautiful housing … Read more