Building an Earthbag Dome at Vanirah Farm

The folks at Vanirah Farm in India have been building an earthbag/superadobe dome that will function as a winter community kitchen. Building the main structure with earthbags was fast, but the finishing work has taken a lot of time. They are also building a large earthbag rainwater harvesting tank. This video shows some of the … Read more

A Couple’s Hand Cranked Utopia

In 1978 the Howards were urban professionals. Wanting a simpler, more meaningful life on a smaller budget, the family-of-4 lived on $18K/year, reducing costs to $10K/year after moving to their “intentional” Colorado homestead. They moved into an abandoned double-wide trailer on their 35 acre property and began raising chickens and goats for milk, as well … Read more

Scottish Couple Celebrate Ten Years of Farming

James Reid and Rosa Bevan hope to inspire other budding farmers after living off their own land for the last ten years. Tap O’ Noth farm in Scotland produces ecologically grown fruit and vegetables on their eight-acre site, as well as housing chickens, geese and a small herd of dairy goats. They practice permaculture which … Read more

A Permaculture Garden Tour with David Holmgren

In this video you can visit Melliodora, the home of David Holmgren and Su Dennett in Victoria, Australia. David is the co-originator of the permaculture concept and this tour offers an insight into how he and Su have designed their home and gardens according to permaculture design principles. You can tour through the four zones … Read more

Permaculture Technology Jamboree

This event has multiple purposes: collaboration, experimentation and innovation to move permaculture technology forward experiences for people new to permaculture technology building homesteading skills The Jamboree Format: Attendees can wander among all FIFTEEN of the tracks and participate or observe as much or as little as they like. The instructors will see a project to … Read more

Rustic Underground Homes in France

René Douma and his mom Marianne began building houses into the hillside on the family farm without any experience in underground construction. Relying on books and online forums, they excavated a knoll behind their farmhouse and used 45 acacia trees from the property to shore up the walls and roof. After a waterproofing layer of … Read more