BioHome3D Printed with Bio-Based Materials

The University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center has produced a prototype 3D printed house made entirely of bio-based materials. The 600-sq.-ft. structure is composed of wood fibers and what the Composites Center described as bio-resins, making the building fully recyclable. All the components of the house—roof, walls, and floors—were printed on what the … Read more

“The Float” Floats Your Sustainable Boat

Studio RAP, based in the Netherlands, designed “The Float”, a sustainable home that floats on water. It is primarily constructed from cork and timber, and the building has a green roof. “Our client asked us to design an innovative and sustainable floating home along the picturesque canals,” Studio RAP said in a project statement. “Our … Read more

Ecological Living In New Zealand

Joe Lyth and his family live in a passive house near Auckland, New Zealand, which is a big change from their former home in London. The ethos that made this architect design such an eco-friendly home for his own family applies to all aspects of their life. “We hardly ever buy anything new,” architect Joe … Read more