Internet Radio Show Appearance

I was a guest on an internet radio talk show Wednesday, April 15, 2009 in the afternoon, discussing topics related to green home building. Quite a bit of the discussion was about earthbag building.  See If you missed the live show, it will be archived at I don’t actually make my appearance on … Read more

Workshop Calendars and Bulletin Boards

Perhaps you’re getting ready to build your earthbag house and would like an extra hand (or 5-6!).  At the same time, there are quite a few people looking for hands-on learning opportunities.  Communities have utilized barn raisings and similar events for many years.  Now it’s easy to promote your project and get the help you … Read more

A Roving Monk Builds with Earthbags Around the World

There is a roving monk (with the unpronounceable name of Krpasundarananda) who travels the globe helping people build earthbag domes.  He is a Meditation teacher with Ananda Marga and has been a Monk since 1991. Ananda Marga is a world-wide organization with spiritual and social activity centers on all continents. The mission runs schools, medical … Read more

Getting Started

Are you new to earthbag building and wondering how to get started? Here’s a list of helpful features we’ve put together on our website: Slide Show: This is the largest collection of earthbag photos available on the Internet. Photo captions provide key facts for follow-up research. Earthbag Videos: All the best videos are assembled … Read more

Arizona Shop Structure

John Annesley chose earthbags to build the walls for his large shop in the Arizona desert because they will never rot, burn, harbor mold or off-gass noxious chemicals. Additionally they provide good thermal mass for the fly-wheel effect that works so well in this climate. He plastered the walls with a combination of paper fiber, … Read more