Couple Builds a Hempcrete Home in Victoria

Melburnians Sarah Corbet and David Bruce bought a 7.5 acre block of land in central Victoria with plans for their future retirement and a slower paced life. They engaged Altereco Design to design the house, ideally to be made with hempcrete. Sarah and David requested a ‘warm design’ that was functional as well as beautiful. … Read more

The Aanandaa Natural Home in India

Manisha Lath Gupta and her family wanted to live in an environment where they grow their produce, and living with nature meant living in a home built using natural materials. Aanandaa house is built using sustainable materials like rammed earth, stone, lime, brick, and traditional roofing systems. These materials were sourced locally and they hired … Read more

Hand Crafted Roundhouse for Family of Five

This hand crafted round-house is packed full of wonderful design features. It is surrounded by abundant permaculture food forest gardens and all of this has been accomplished on just a quarter acre section. Tim and Carmen have built this round house to maximize the function of the home while minimizing its impact on the surrounding … Read more

Earthbags are Gaining Traction in Kenya

Earthbag construction is gaining traction in Kenya as an alternative to traditional building materials such as wood, iron sheets, or stones. Real estate investors are increasingly embracing this technique. By utilizing earthbags, developers can easily access the necessary resources and construct structures affordably. Earthbag construction begins by utilizing on-site fill materials, which typically consist of … Read more

A Hand-Crafted Swedish Style Home in California

A beautifully crafted home for sale in Bear Valley, California  looks like it belongs in Sweden. That’s where the dwelling’s owner got his inspiration for the 1,350-square-foot, one-bedroom, two-bath retreat. The home also includes two sleeping nooks in the living room, plus a large loft. In 1967, the seller—the late Dr. Johan Viking Hultin—bought the … Read more