A 21 Acre Food Forest and Learning Center in India

In 1996, Raghava inherited a coconut plantation from his grandfather. Unlike his ancestors who had practiced agriculture for seven generations, Raghava, then an undergraduate, had no connection with the soil. “I grew up on a healthy diet of inspiring stories of local and international entrepreneurs. This was one of the reasons that motivated me to … Read more

The Root Cellar Capital of the World

Elliston, a tiny town in Newfoundland, Canada’s most eastern province, was traditionally a fishing community. Cod was king, until in 1992,  the Canadian government imposed a cod fishing moratorium. Overnight, thousands of livelihoods were wiped out. Many locals left for work in other provinces. Some enterprising residents decided to put some of the legendary Newfoundland … Read more

Can the EnviroPlex™ Help Stabilize Earth’s Climate?

I came across this unique concept that the designers claim will “restore our climate to pre-industrial conditions.” This is a lofty goal that is certainly worthy of attention. It is based on a building they call the EnviroPlex™, that is “a multi-purpose, modular, high-tech installation combining organic food production and pollution-free energy generation with direct-air … Read more

Bamboo Architecture in Ecuador

In an article titled “Students rebuild communities with sustainable bamboo architecture,” published in www.northbynorthwestern.com it is explained that after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck coastal Ecuador in 2016, the country suffered from severe damages and casualties. The use of heavy building materials was to blame for some of the casualties. Because of the damages from … Read more