Life in a Tiny Natural Home in Wales

Emma lives in the wild woods of Wales, where she is close to nature , with no running water, electricity, or internet. For Emma, this way of life is all about building a closer relationship to nature while also creating a lifestyle where she is free of the pressures of the modern world. Her simple home is beautiful, cozy and warm. Water is collected from a spring fed stream which runs by her house, and at night, candles and a fire light her home. Emma’s story is a reminder of how little we actually need in life, and perhaps a reminder of how much we need to sacrifice to obtain the things we have. She spent about £1000 to build this tiny earthen home, which is legal in Wales.

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2 thoughts on “Life in a Tiny Natural Home in Wales”

  1. One of my bucket lists is to do this. Especially now the social media makes me feel like an anxiety-fueled space and sometimes we need to get closer to nature for us to take a break and feel refresh from stressful work and helps you reclaim your time.


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