A Garden House in Ecuador

The Garden House in Ecuador obscures the boundary between nature and the built space. The occupant must travel outside to access the washroom areas from the living spaces and the shower is located in a greenhouse and is nestled among its plant life. The design team says, ‘There are places where people do not know … Read more

Casa Silencio in Oaxaca, Mexico

The makers of El Silencio brand of mezcal near Oaxaca, Mexico are opening an eco-minded resort by their distillery. The property evokes both the area’s natural aesthetic and the production of the native agave spirit with six guest suites. Casa Silencio’s design evokes both ancient mythology and the creation and consumption of mezcal. The owners … Read more

Advantages of Green Roofs in Urban Environments

When built, designed and maintained properly, green roofs have many more advantages than disadvantages. The vegetation reflects most of the direct sunlight rather than absorbing it, and the moisture prevents heat gain from the structure, providing energy savings for cooling. In arid climates, the increase in thermal inertia will increase comfort and reduce temperature fluctuations … Read more

Spring Time Blessings from Long Creek Homestead

My friend Michael Judd lived in Nicaragua for many years and moved to Frederick, Maryland several years ago with his wife to establish a permaculture homestead. I recently got this email from him that is so enticing I thought I would pass it on too you.Spring has Sprung in full force at Long Creek Homestead … Read more

The Magic and Mystery of Machu Pichu

The ancient city of Machu Picchu, perched among the peaks of southern Peru, flourished for just over a hundred years between the mid-15th and mid-16th centuries. It is famous for its intricate, masterful stone masonry. But often invisible to the untrained eye is masterful drainage infrastructure and slope stabilization. Ruth Wright, a historian, travel writer, … Read more