The Bio Veda Living Home Masterclass

Alosha Lynov established the Bio Veda Academy as a way to disseminate his knowledge about building what he calls a Living Bio Shelter Organism, along with holistic water treatment and cooperative eco-villages.

Alosha studied Superadobe construction at CalEarth Institute in California, and what he teaches is somewhat based on their approach. He has combined Superadobe with Aircrete to build some unusual shapes in the world of domes; the aircrete allows him to fashion truly spherical shapes. Both of these techniques do require the use of Portland cement, but in relatively small amounts compared to standard concrete.

Alosha teaches workshops in these techniques around the world, and there are several of these coming up next year. He has assembled a collection of videos documenting some of his workshops as an introductory course that can be purchased for learning at home. This course, called the Bio Veda Living Eco Home Masterclass, is offered with a full refund if you are dissatisfied after up to 30 days. You can sign up for this through the above link.

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