The Build-a-thon and Symposium at City of the Sun

My friend B Sitkin recently uploaded this video he and his wife made many years ago at City of the Sun in Southern New Mexico. It documents many of the key events at the Build-a-thon and Symposium and features a number of my friends and fellow builders from that time.

This event followed on the heals of the footage I had taken there that eventually became part of my video entitled A Sampler of Alternative Homes: Approaching Sustainable Architecture, released in1998.

B writes in his notes about the video, “City of the Sun in southeast New Mexico is one of the few places in the US you will find modern day pioneers experimenting with affordable alternative housing. Using earth and recycled materials, they have created truly amazing Eco-friendly, affordable, and gentle living environments. If you have ever been curious about changing your lifestyle, this video will open new horizons for you.

I am posting it here because there is still much relevance to what is presented… and it is a nice blast from the past!

video 1

The event is chronicled in a series of three episodes.

Video 2

Video 3

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