Renovate… Don’t Speculate

Speculative real estate practices and the harm they cause affect everyone. The threat of demolition looms over nearly every building, fueled by financial speculation that promotes demolition and new construction. This leads to a scarcity of affordable homes, job losses, and environmental damage. Therefore, we urgently need a socio-ecological transformation of contemporary building practices that … Read more

The Enduring Heritage of Bhutanese Architecture

While most countries are losing many cultural elements, Bhutan is retaining most of theirs. This is largely due to their current king and the ones that came before him. The Ministry of Works and Human Settlement published the Bhutanese Architecture Guidelines in 2014—a comprehensive manual that makes it easy for architects, engineers, planners and craftsmen … Read more

Two Ecological Homes in Australia

Stuart Absalom and Philip Mawer’s home in Australia has wonderful views in every direction. The living area faces north, while the two bedrooms and bathrooms face south. The house follows the principles of passive solar in that region, including its northerly aspect, thermal mass through masonry walls, and windows thoughtfully placed for ventilation and cooling. … Read more

CobBauge House in the UK is Code Compliant

CobBauge House in the UK, designed by Hudson Architects, is the first code-compliant form of cob building, making an ancient building technique fit 21st century requirements. It combines hemp and mud in a unique way. Traditional cob walls would have to be more than one meter thick in order to comply with contemporary building regulations. … Read more

A Novel Circular Toilet in Japan

Tono Mirai Architects of Japan completed Tioletowa in Miyoshi City as an example of recycled, regenerative architecture. The main idea behind the toilet project is the circle of life: ‘Everything comes from the earth and eventually returns to it.’ The rammed-earth building embodies this philosophy through its use of recycled materials and its wastewater treatment … Read more