Earthbag House in Colorado is Now Roofed Over

I have periodically corresponded with Matthew McCue, who has been building an earthbag house in Colorado with his wife, Rainee. Most recently he provided this update on their project: Well, we didn’t beat the snow, but we got it covered last week! The bond beam certainly took some creative thinking, but we pulled it off! … Read more

Test Hempcrete and Seaweed Building in Iceland

Iceland’s first building made from hempcrete was designed by Lúdika Architects and was funded by several grants. Given the size and height limitations of this BioBuilding project,  Lúdika drew inspiration from the philosophy of Japanese tea houses, which emphasize craftsmanship, are often made of natural materials, and are very small. It is only 15 square … Read more

Netherlands’ Ecovillage Boekel is a Model for Sustainable Living

From the sky, the Netherlands’ Ecovillage Boekel looks like a flower house. It is an almost self-sufficient housing community that was voted the most sustainable organization in the Netherlands in 2021. This project offers concrete solutions for social, economic, and cultural regeneration. The Ecovillage is made up of 36 pioneering sustainable flats where 48 adults … Read more

A Native Sioux Tribe Is Building the First Hempcrete Plant in the US

Natives from the Lower Sioux Indian Reservation in southwestern Minnesota are building a 20,000-square-foot manufacturing campus that will allow them to pioneer a green experiment, the first of its kind in the United States. They are growing hemp to process it into hempcrete, and then build healthy homes with it. Once the tribe makes this low-carbon … Read more

An Artists’ Studio Extension of a Stone Cottage

Studio Weave’s extension of a cottage in Devon, England on a secluded property is a double-story artists’ retreat. The extension, called Made of Sand, seeks to transform the traditional Devonshire stone cottage,  drawing on the historic origins of the site as a local sandpit. The flexible, open-plan spaces of the studio contrast the otherwise boxed … Read more