Earthbag Building Guide Now Available!

Earthbag Building Guide: Vertical Walls Step-by-Step By Owen Geiger Much has been learned about earthbag building over the last few decades through research, trial and error, and sharing of information. It is becoming increasingly clear what works best and why. And now with engineer-approved methods for building in code-enforced areas, it is time to pull … Read more

Outdoor Oven Feedback

Remember the outdoor oven that I built for Mother Earth News magazine? Well, a reader built one and just sent us the following photo and feedback. Numerous people have written me questions asking for more details (which are almost always answered in the original article, so please look closely), but no one yet has sent … Read more

All-in-One Outdoor Oven, Stove, Grill & Smoker

Once you’ve built your dream earthbag house, you’ll need an efficient means of cooking. At our house, this includes an oven as one part of our outdoor kitchen that keeps heat out of the house. This latest project was a collaboration by Owen Geiger and Mother Earth News Magazine to develop a super efficient multiple-use … Read more

Internet Radio Show Appearance

I was a guest on an internet radio talk show Wednesday, April 15, 2009 in the afternoon, discussing topics related to green home building. Quite a bit of the discussion was about earthbag building.  See If you missed the live show, it will be archived at I don’t actually make my appearance on … Read more

Workshop Calendars and Bulletin Boards

Perhaps you’re getting ready to build your earthbag house and would like an extra hand (or 5-6!).  At the same time, there are quite a few people looking for hands-on learning opportunities.  Communities have utilized barn raisings and similar events for many years.  Now it’s easy to promote your project and get the help you … Read more