New Compression Ring Design

The compression ring I designed and had built by a local machine shop for our earthbag roundhouse worked perfectly. It costs me just $20 or so and used very few materials. The roof bolted together in one hour and, as reported previously, it was rock solid even with 4-5 workers climbing on it. Also note, … Read more

More Pics from Superadobeserrano Blog

“Such nice people … I am super happy! Machimbrado finished the roof membrane. It was a labor intense 7 days, praying that the rains do not bend the wood, covered with plastic at night what we were roofing. The only thing missing is a wing, perhaps made of reeds. We made a modification in the … Read more

Patagonian Earthbag Pit Greenhouse

The folks at Our Little Thing blog have created a wonderful example of a pit greenhouse built with earthbags, PVC pipe, some wood, and plastic cover.  This is the second one they have built, having learned many things from the first trial. In the harsh Patagonian climate, they plan to grow many things that are … Read more

Roundwood Loft Construction

Lowering costs is a major goal of earthbag building. One way to reduce costs is by using wood poles for lofts, roofs and other parts of the house. The poles are practically free if you obtain a firewood permit from the US Forest Service. There may be similar programs in other countries. This is a … Read more

Hobbit House with Second Story Deck

Here’s another version of the Hobbit House (five versions altogether) showing an open-air second story deck and rectangular windows. The deck adds another 471 square feet of living space at very little extra cost. This design is perfect for hot climates where breezes make a big difference in comfort. The deck can be accessed by … Read more

Most Popular Earthbag Instructables is one of my favorite sites and so I’ve been publishing how-to articles there for the last year or so. Here’s a list of the most popular Instructables on earthbag building. How to Build an Earthbag Dome Step-by-Step Earthbag Building How to Build an Earthbag Roundhouse How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses How to … Read more