Online Learning with the Earth Building Academy

The Earth Building Academy is offering a new three month round of online courses starting February 20th. This includes: 30+ hours of pre-recorded lectures and hands-on demonstrations, which you can implement directly on your own projects; weekly 60-90 minute live group calls for Q&A’s and consultancy; 2 live hands-on workshops via zoom where you can … Read more

Are Basements a Good Idea?

My last blog post was about a free online version of Making Better Building by Chris Magwood. In reading through some of his introductory comments about foundations, I came across this statement: “In much of North America, foundations have been twinned with conditioned, subgrade living space: the basement. In many markets, having a basement is … Read more

Free Materials Encyclopedia for Sustainable Building

Chris Magwood’s classic book, Making Better Buildings, is now available for free online!  This is a comparative guide to sustainable construction for homeowners and contractors. It is also a masterpiece of research and experience folded into an encyclopedic reference book for anyone interested in sustainable approaches to our built environment. Clearly a labor of love … Read more

Owl Mountain – Earth Sheltered Log Framed House in Saskatchewan

Myk Brazier here – These are a few pics of the house we’ve been working on. I used Mike Oehler’s book as well as PAHS by John Hait (and a bunch of other stuff). But it’s basically what you’re calling WOFATI. We mixed and poured our own concrete foundation. This house is being built by … Read more

An Irish House in the Woods

Set in an old quarry that was replanted 80 years ago with hardwoods and pines, Woodsmoke was commissioned in the early 1990s. Designed by architect Paul Leech, whose other design work spans decades of environmentally-sensitive projects, the steeply-pitched building has 2,300 sq ft within, with some dramatically shaped rooms. Its rooms are spread over five … Read more