Hobbit House with Second Story Deck

Here’s another version of the Hobbit House (five versions altogether) showing an open-air second story deck and rectangular windows. The deck adds another 471 square feet of living space at very little extra cost. This design is perfect for hot climates where breezes make a big difference in comfort. The deck can be accessed by … Read more

Most Popular Earthbag Instructables

Instructables.com is one of my favorite sites and so I’ve been publishing how-to articles there for the last year or so. Here’s a list of the most popular Instructables on earthbag building. How to Build an Earthbag Dome Step-by-Step Earthbag Building How to Build an Earthbag Roundhouse How to Build Dirt Cheap Houses How to … Read more

Earthbag Foundation for SB House in Haiti

Builders Without Borders assisted with creating this Earthbag Foundation for the first strawbale house in Haiti. Many of the bags were sewn from slavaged tarps, the bales were compressed by hand from local rice straw, the roof trusses were partially built from used wooden pallets, and the floor and plaster is earthen.

Vertical Wall Bags

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, here’s a new way to insulate basement walls with foam glass by Misapor. More on this topic at my Geopolymer House Blog. (The same material can be used to make lightweight insulating plaster, concrete, etc.) “Until now, Misapor has mostly been known for providing horizontal insulation. Now … Read more

Our Little Thing in Patagonia

This house in Patagonia was built by Paul Coleman and his wife, Konomi. It features a double wall system that includes pumice from a dormant volcano. Five hundred tons of earth have been moved by hand and everything else that has been used to build the house has come up a very steep 150 meter … Read more

Northern New Mexico House Update

“The roof beams are up! I did something miraculous–I’ve hired someone, Raymond who is a god-send, to help me finish and might hire a second person next week. It’s cold! and I need to move in. I’ve committed to moving in next Saturday regardless of the state of the house so I better get it … Read more