Straw Bale Building in Pennsylvania

Diane Ferguson, a former environmental health professor, has always dreamed of building a house made of natural materials. Her ideal home has about 650 straw bales stacked together with bamboo stakes driven through them. The straw is then plastered on the interior with an earthen plaster and the exterior with limestone plaster. Diane worked with … Read more

Building a Survival Mini House in the Woods

This video made by Athos shows him building a completely natural small dream house with dead wood, pine needles, thorns, moss, rocks and clay. It took him over two weeks and there are still some finishing touches he plans. You can watch the video at and you can find out more at his channel: … Read more

Online Learning with the Earth Building Academy

The Earth Building Academy is offering a new three month round of online courses starting February 20th. This includes: 30+ hours of pre-recorded lectures and hands-on demonstrations, which you can implement directly on your own projects; weekly 60-90 minute live group calls for Q&A’s and consultancy; 2 live hands-on workshops via zoom where you can … Read more

South African School Gets Makeover with Recycled Materials

The Natural Building Collective has shown what it really means to be innovative after revamping the Ulwazi Educare in Delft, Cape Town to accommodate 120 kids using tires, ecobricks, cob, reclaimed materials from the film industry, glass bottles and reclaimed doors and windows where possible. The Natural Building Collective uses buildings to connect, create, empower and … Read more

Raised From Earth

Under the gaze of southern Arizona’s cinnamon-hued Canelo Hills, a mother shares ancient building traditions with her three sons. In Puebloan creation stories, adobe structures, like people, emerge from the earth and return to the earth. For Athena Steen, it’s the family memories, skills, knowledge, love, laughter—and the clay itself—that endure. You can watch the … Read more