Living Walls

I recently wrote an article about living walls for, and in doing the research for this I came upon an interesting approach to creating a kind of living wall or retaining wall using geotextile materials. Basically, loosely woven bags filled with a growing medium can be stacked to form walls that then support plant … Read more

A Sad but Educational Footnote

In 2005 there was much publicity and delight regarding a lovely earthbag clinic built in a small town in the Philippines. This was a project of Illac Diaz and several organizations there. You can see the finished building below. Since then it has been privately reported that the building has fallen into disrepair. Some photos … Read more

The Rocket & the Rabbithole

Sourabh Phadke in India has been quite productive lately in publicizing earthbag building in various ways.  He is involved with a school there, where they have been experimenting with many aspects of natural building and green living, from compost toilets to creatively using recycled plastic bottles to earthen plasters over earthbag walls. Much of this … Read more

Arch Entrance made with Earthbags

Here is an interesting use of earthbags to create a self-supporting  arched entrance to a park. This was reported in  Buffalo Rising of Buffalo, NY. It is part of the Street Synergy Community Garden (which was once a dumping ground), and was created by volunteers. They say that “It’s a solid, inexpensive, creative and earth-friendly … Read more