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  1. Jason, I hope it will too, that’s a great possible benefit. However, there is an existing Earthbag Builders group on facebook already. It has 268 members, and there’s a decent amount of interaction there. My goal wasn’t to start a new one of those, or to ever take away from it, but rather, bring attention to the blog here. If more interaction happens, that’s awesome too. And as Owen constantly brings attention to other blogs, I think I’ll be doing a “Featured Friday” that will feature a different earthbag-involved blog in addition to w/e Owen posts on a Friday.
    And, yes I’ll be keeping up with this blog every day, but the goal is also to bring more traffic to the blog via facebook, not more traffic to the facebook page by it’s own volition. So, I doubt that this would happen, but I don’t intend to distract from the blog, but rather, put up a big flashing, stinking neon sign that says, “Come look how great this blog is!”
    And of course, it’s my honor to be doing this work. Plus it’s fun!

  2. I really appreciate you doing this Luke. Saves me checking constantly for updates. Hopefully it will allow for easier interaction amongst earthbaggers too.

  3. Robin, that is really great to know. I’ll keep it in mind for sure. I think people appreciate a person rather than a computer…that is until the person starts falling behind! Haha.
    Thanks again, Robin.

  4. Owen, no, I just have to watch your blog and make a few comments on each post. I don’t think there’s a way to make it automatically populate on the facebook page. That would be convenient, but there wouldn’t be a personal touch.
    It’s a bit of work, but I enjoy it, and I watch your blog pretty much daily anyway.

      • Haha. Go for it, and we’ll see what happens. As long as they’re not posts about twiddling thumbs and checking the time. I’ll probably stick with a morning/night shift b/c you’re 11 hours ahead. :)

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