Earth Sheltered Homes versus Earthbag Building

A new article by Arvid Linde in Green Home Design compares typical earth-sheltered homes with structures made of earthbags. Linde raises a number of interesting points. I agree with his assessment that most earth-sheltered designs contain a lot of high embodied energy materials, notably concrete and steel, and therefore are not as ‘green’ as they … Read more

Double Pole Roofs

I’m always searching for new ways to utilize small diameter poles, which are abundant throughout western US forests and elsewhere. This double pole roof design is very simple. Roof poles are raised on a frame wall to create sufficient space for a superinsulated roof. From below, the sloped ceiling features exposed wood poles, and tongue … Read more

New Earthbag DVD for Sale

Reader’s have asked for our YouTube videos on DVD. Even though they’re free on my YouTube channel, some people have slow Internet access and can’t watch them. Some may prefer to watch them on TV. So we’re now offering a limited number of DVDs that include all 61 videos (as of October 30, 2010) and … Read more

Earthbag Shed in Belize

This fine project is by Jesse Loving in Bullet Tree Falls, Belize. The content below is from his Picasa photo album. He has lots of great photos. Take a look. Or see the project page we created about it.   In planning to build an earthbag house in Belize, Central America, I decided to first … Read more

Finished Earthbag Roundhouse Video

This is the finished roundhouse that we built in 2010. The walls were built during our April workshop, and plaster and finish work continued through May and June at a slower pace. To say the least, we’ve very happy with the results. If you want to learn more, you can search this blog for the … Read more

A Review of Living in an Underground House

I came across this great article at Mother Earth News magazine and just had to share it. Merle Alix describes his family’s experiences of living in an underground house for the last decade. They love the energy savings, low maintenance, quietness and privacy. The biggest downside is the difficulty of obtaining financing for underground houses. … Read more