Help Build a Unique Design in Brazil and Learn

I was just notified by Alosha of the Bio-Veda Institute of Arcology about this workshop in Brazil:

We are inviting you to Brazil for a natural building workshop, starting on November 5th  2021. We will be building a Wautillarium, which is a self heating and cooling Earthship hybrid infused with Sacred Geometry and Biomimicry. You will learn 3 building methods all at one workshop: Rectangular room with a rounded back and ferocement vaulted roof; Aircrete Dome with bricks; Superadobe Dome with long bags.

Arthur together with his family who are our hosts, are in the process of forming a community on a 300 acre plot of land in a valley, surrounded by indigenous rain forest.  He has invited me to build a Bio-Veda Institute of Arcology (fusion of Bio Architecture & Nature) and assist with permaculture design for the land. If you have been wanting to relocate to a new country without any building restrictions or looking for like minded friends to collaborate and co-create with, then this is a great opportunity for you to check out the land, climate and people.

During this workshop we will get to know each other while working side by side. Arthur’s place has so much potential that Zoya and I plan to spend a part of our year in Brazil with Arthur and his family, building up our Natural Building Institute and enjoying growing everything that a warm climate allows. We will also be sharing some inner process work needed for maintaining healthy relationships, which are paramount for successful  community living.

This is a great opportunity for anyone in US or Canada to learn how to build a low tech, low cost eco home for cold and hot climate. We will be using the Earthship technology that utilizes passive solar design. We will show you how to utilize heat from a greenhouse to heat water and space heating. Wautillarium will utilize a  fusion of materials: tire foundation, super adobe walls and ferocement vault.

You can watch a video about this at

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