How to Find Answers about Earthbag Building

Are you spending lots of time searching for earthbag information? Using the search engines on this blog and at will make the job a lot easier. You’ll have hundreds of the best blog posts and articles at your fingertips. Virtually every topic you can think of has already been examined in detail. This blog, for instance, currently has 661 blog posts and over 2,700 comments. The Frequently Asked Questions page at answers hundreds of the most common questions. – our main site that ‘warehouses’ everything on the topic – makes it easy to do in-depth searches on all things related to earthbag construction.
• Browse by category (Resources, Articles, Testing, Projects, Videos, etc.).
• Or search our sites with the built-in search engines. You can also search virtually every article and website about earthbag building on the Internet using the same search engine at

I say this so we can cut back on answering repetitive general enquiries and questions in the Comments section. We’ve answered many thousands of questions so far, but as our sites have grown, so has demand on our time. One reason for writing the Earthbag Building Guide was to clarify the best ways to do things and hopefully eliminate many of the general/repetitive questions. So please utilize these resources we’ve created so we can use our time more efficiently.

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  1. I am starting a project in southern Mo. ten miles from Ar. state line. I have 40 acers of red oaks and will start with a 12’x16′ underground work shed, to be followed by a 5000 sq. ft. 3/4 underground earthbag timberframed house with waterproof umbrella and earth tubes for heat and cooling and fresh air. I have a portable sawmill and a old backhoe. In-need of a lot of help ,anyone interested in this project with advice or hand on please contact me.


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