Earthbag Building Guide Table of Contents 1

Earthbag Building Guide Table of Contents 1 (click to enlarge)
Earthbag Building Guide Table of Contents 1 (click to enlarge)

More book reviews:

“I have built with earthbags for over twenty years, having helped develop the concept with Nader Khalili in the early 1990’s. Of all the texts on earthbag building that exist (including mine), I have to say that Owen Geiger’s Earthbag Building Guide is by far the most thorough, detailed and technically useful book on the subject yet to emerge. I will be referring to it often in my own projects and look forward with keen interest to forthcoming titles from this talented researcher.” Joseph F. Kennedy, editor The Art of Natural Building and Building Without Borders

“Earthbag construction is the most green and sustainable method of construction that I know of and it just got easier. This book is like having a coach with you on site who shares his wonderful knowledge step-by-step. This is the best investment, in time and money, any Architect, Engineer, Builder, or Home Owner can make. I love this book.” Dr. Bill Taha, S.E., President, licensed in 28 states, Precision Structural Engineering, Inc.

The ebook is available for free with all new house plan orders through Earthbag House Plans and Ordering info here.

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