Desert Submarines

Steve over at Utopia Springs sent me a link about a fascinating housing idea for desert areas. These structures stay cool in the desert (in the 60’s) using just evaporative cooling. The galvanized metal roof is covered with burlap, and water flows down over the top. A small RV pump is adequate to keep the … Read more

Earthbag Stairs

Earthbags have proven to be incredibly versatile. They can be used throughout your home for foundations, walls, benches, privacy walls and other uses. And let’s not forget about stairs. Think how much money you can save by using earthbags to build your stairs. And they’re sturdy, too. Here’s a picture of curved stairs. In the … Read more

New Earthbag Videos

There is a fellow in India named Sourabh Phadke who has been uploading many videos to YouTube lately that relate to earthbag building. His general collection of videos is grouped at I especially recommend viewing “How to Build an Earthbag Dome” and “Earthbagging at Aman Setu,” about building a school. He has a number … Read more

Eyebrows on Domes

We routinely ask readers to document their projects and allow us to publish them on our Projects page at This enables other readers to learn much more rapidly. It’s the old “two heads are better than one” except here we’re dealing with thousands who are working together and sharing ideas. Very powerful. A perfect … Read more

Earthbag Greenhouses

Earthbags are ideal for building greenhouses due to their resistance to moisture damage. Most anyone can build with earthbags, which can cut construction costs. When filled with insulation such as perlite or scoria, earthbag walls and foundations enable you to grow plants year-round. Excess heat from a greenhouse attached to your home, like the one … Read more