Indian Engineer Champions Bamboo Construction

Sanjeev Karpe, an Indian engineer, shares how bamboo became important to him and why he thinks sustainability is so vital to the planet. In 2003 he had an opportunity to visit China and observe the prevalence of bamboo in construction there. He noticed exotic modern bamboo buildings, and how the plant’s tensile strength made it a … Read more

Sustainability at Queen’s University in Canada

Sustainability Professor, Steven Moore, wants Queen’s University in Ontario Canada to be a moral and sustainable leader through their actions. Moore said Queen’s should create more gardens on campus. He believes lawns are “ecological deserts” despite being important places to run and play. The University piloted an Employee Community Garden by planting two large communal … Read more

United Nations Declaration for Sustainable Architecture

The United Nations has written a set of “principles for sustainable and inclusive urban design and architecture” for architects to sign up to called the San Marino Declaration, which architect Norman Foster is set to launch. Set to be ratified in the republic of San Marino, the declaration outlines a set of standards that architects … Read more

What Are Scottish Brochs?

Traveling through Scotland you’ll eventually see some crumbling stone towers rising against the Highland peaks like ancient crag-top castles. These mysterious Iron Age monuments are known as brochs and they exist nowhere else in the world. These circular dry-walled structures a symbolic feature of the Scottish Highlands, but their purpose remains unknown. What is known … Read more

The Politics of Adobe in West Texas

Adobe is the humblest of building materials, for which earth, straw, and water are formed into bricks and then dried in the sun. It appears in arid places where dirt is the cheapest and most abundant natural resource. Adobe buildings have thick walls for structural integrity, and the earthen bricks can keep the interior cool. … Read more

Touring a Sufi Community in New Mexico

Yesterday I had a wonderful and rewarding experience of touring a nearby Sufi Community along with other members of our local Permaculture Group. We were invited there by Sequoia and Sunny to immerse ourselves  for a few hours in their nearly self-sufficient life. I was quite impressed by the extent of their accomplishments during the … Read more