Earthbag Building Guide Acknowledgements — 6 Comments

  1. We are also loving your book and are looking forward to seeing publication of the design guide – is this still on its way? We are trying to work out how to adapt all your instructions for New Zealand, and for the design we would like.

    • I never did do the design guide. Instead I have a new book on my best selling house plans. It’s finished. It just needs to be uploaded, make a sales page, etc. Coming soon…

    • I doubt if that book will ever get finished. It’s takes 1,000 hours minimum to turn a pile of notes into a well written book. My now is on building our homestead so we have good healthy food to eat. The next book I do will probably be on Building Details.

  2. The Earthbag Building Guide is a wonderful book, and I recommend it to anyone considering this building technology. It mentions another document several times, the Earthbag Design Guide. Is this a pending book?

    • Thanks. The Design Guide is the next book in the series. It will cover all the design issues. Not sure of the publication date at this time. (It will take a while.)

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