Earthbag Building Guide Acknowledgements

The peer review process for this book has included input from other earthbag builders. I would like to thank all those who participated in our Earthbag Building 2.0 contest and others who made contributions. Gathering the best new ideas from the best builders has helped make this a better book. Contributors include Dr. Bill Taha, S.E. of Precision Structural Engineering, Inc.; Fernando Soneghet Pacheco, engineer and developer of Hyperadobe at EcoOca – Brazil; Joseph F. Kennedy, editor “The Art of Natural Building” and “Building Without Borders”; Kelly Hart, owner/developer, and co-author and Earthbag Building Blog; Jeff Bousquet of Holistic Healing Homes; Julien L. Balmer of Phangan Earthworks; Scott Howard of Earthen Hand Natural Building, Owen Ingley of Plenitud Iniciativas; Alex Klein of “The Life and Times of a Renaissance Ronin”; Paulina Wojciechowska of Earth Hands and Houses; Sunny Cai, Ph.D./Professor at Renmin University of China; Tim Merritt of Emergency Shelter Kit; Jesse Loving; Dada Krpasundarananda; Troy Griepentrog; Dr. Johnny Anderton of Eternally Solar /; Tim Hall, Hawaii’s Green Guru and other generous and creative people and organizations.

The bottom line is I don’t believe any one person could write such a thorough coverage of earthbag building that includes all the new advances of the last year or two. So again I want to say thank you to all those who contributed to this book.

The Earthbag Building Guide is now available for $20 as a PDF download. The ebook is available for free with all new house plan orders through Earthbag House Plans and

6 thoughts on “Earthbag Building Guide Acknowledgements”

  1. We are also loving your book and are looking forward to seeing publication of the design guide – is this still on its way? We are trying to work out how to adapt all your instructions for New Zealand, and for the design we would like.

    • I never did do the design guide. Instead I have a new book on my best selling house plans. It’s finished. It just needs to be uploaded, make a sales page, etc. Coming soon…

    • I doubt if that book will ever get finished. It’s takes 1,000 hours minimum to turn a pile of notes into a well written book. My now is on building our homestead so we have good healthy food to eat. The next book I do will probably be on Building Details.

  2. The Earthbag Building Guide is a wonderful book, and I recommend it to anyone considering this building technology. It mentions another document several times, the Earthbag Design Guide. Is this a pending book?


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