Proposal Design for Arts Village at Abetenim, Ghana

This architecture competition entry is from the Nka Foundation website. The design is by architects Gediminas Ratavicius and Raimundus Zidonis, and students Margarita Pantelejeva and Brigita from Lithuania. “According to one of the most appealing goals of Open ARchiTecture Challege, we have made an attempt to integrate art to architecture so that new built structures … Read more

Akio Inoue Dome Photos

Professor Akio Inoue in Japan is one of the most experienced earthbag dome builders in the world. I just learned he has retired from Tenri University. Thank you sir for all your great work and for inspiring the next generation of builders. For more information: The Earthbag Domes of Professor Akio Inoue

Spiral Dome Magic 1 and 2

I’ve recently completed two new house plans. There’s nothing else like them that I’ve seen. They combine spirals and domes — the Peace Dome and Spiral Houses, which are also available separately. There are two versions available – one bedroom and two bedroom designs. The combination of shapes creates a very exciting organic design. More … Read more

Earthbag House in Austin

Louis Burns, a writer and former real estate agent, toured a newly completed Eco-dome in Austin and wrote an eye-opening assessment. Here are a few quotes from the article. “The plans from Cal-Earth that they’re working from are designed for the desert climate. There, you have a significant temperature drop in the evenings which allow … Read more

John Obey Beach Domes Update

Today’s post is an update on the Tribewanted domes in Sierra Leone. The quote below by Ben Keene is from his article in The Telegraph (see link at end of this blog post). The previous post is here. “The projects themselves have – despite the slow pace of life here – been ticking along at … Read more

Earthbag Building Blog 3rd Anniversary

This week is the 3rd anniversary of Earthbag Building Blog. A lot has happened this past year, and our blog continues to grow in content and readership. There are now 335 posts and well over 1,000 comments. Thanks for your support. We love hearing about your earthbag projects and hope you will continue sharing information … Read more