Earthbag Shield

What is the Earthbag Home Shield? It is a steel roof system intended to cover and protect an earthbag home. The one aspect of earthbag construction that I struggled with the most was the roof. We here at Cozy Home Plans have come up with a great option to cover your EB home. Benefits of … Read more

Free Burma Ranger’s Clinic Project Page

Kelly Hart just completed a new Project Page at on the earthbag clinic in Thailand. He added links to the previous blog posts, but there’s a good chance most readers won’t notice and so I decided to do an extra post. It’s projects like this that demonstrate how practical earthbag building is, even for … Read more

New Compression Ring Design

The compression ring I designed and had built by a local machine shop for our earthbag roundhouse worked perfectly. It costs me just $20 or so and used very few materials. The roof bolted together in one hour and, as reported previously, it was rock solid even with 4-5 workers climbing on it. Also note, … Read more

Hobbit House Shed

I just found this Hobbit House shed by Owl Swamp Natural Builder. “This was the second project I worked on. It’s a hybrid earthbag, cordwood, and papercrete roof shed with a reciprocal roof. The plaster over the earthbags is earthen, with a lime stabilizer. All the wood, doors, and windows were salvaged. I paid five … Read more

New Earthbag Building Video: Pre-release Announcement

After months of delays due to technical glitches, my new Basic Earthbag Building video will soon be available through Amazon. Special thanks to Kelly Hart, co-developer of this blog and, for making the cover and steering the project through the final difficult stage. The first part of Basic Earthbag Building provides clear, simple explanations … Read more